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Hi! My name is Clarrisse Gill.


I am a songwriter, artist 4 the word/preacher, producer, and radio host. My heart is to reach out to as many people as I can through my songs. I just love talking to people and I love to give them the opportunity to be in my shows/ministry. I am the founder of the newest music genres: Preach N' Sing/Preach N' Rap.

For more, please go to: www.preachnsing.org You may also visit: www.clarrissegill.com/website

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  • Born: Philippines
  • Ethnicity: Asian (Mestiza Filipina Chinese w/ little Spanish descent)
  • Age: Biologically in 20’s, Chronologically in ......, but does it matter?
  • Body Language: Can move & dance like a young 18 year old
  • Skin: Fair & Tan
  • Hair: Like Samson… My hair is one of my assets.  



  • Writing, Praying, Preaching, Preach N' Sing
  • Music Album Production, Public Relations, Creativity, Originality
  • Public Speaking, Radio Hosting, Original Performing, Unique Dance, Marketing
  • Mortgage Origination, Real Estate Sales, Marketing Plan Development, Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Networking, Calyx Points, DU, HP12C, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Media Center/Player, etc. 



  • Ordinance: Christian Minister (C.N.C.)
  • Certified Health Minister (H.A.)
  • Degree in Biblical Studies (I.S.O.M.)
  • College in Banking & Finance (P.W.U.)
  • Trade Schools: Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Voice (Billie Cole) 
  • Street Degree: Over 20 years in Marketing & Sales
  • People & Life Education: Over 40 years of challenges & overcame it all!
  • Currently in Holy Spirit School… 


God-Given Gifts and Fruits: 

  • Gift of Miracles, Gift of Spiritual Discernment, Gift of Wisdom, Gift of Word of Knowledge. Gift of Prophesy.
  • Divine Songwritings, Loving, Caring, Discerning
  • Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Courage, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Self-Control
  • Goodness, Patience, Endurance, Integrity, Body Language, Speaking of Tongues, etc.


Work Experiences & Functions: 

  • Founder and Executive Director of Preach N' Sing Records, Inc.

An Independent Unique Non Profit Record Label
501(c)(3) Approved Charity (plus Revolutionary Performing Arts)
Original Songwritings, Music Album Production, Prayer Warrior
Founder of the Newest Visionary Genres:
Preach N' Sing, Preach N' Rap, Preach N' Rock, Preach N' Health 
Preach N' Poem, Preach N' Act, Preach N' Dance
www.preachnsing.org | www.preachnsingrecords.com


  •  1060 AM Radio (KKVV Radio in Las Vegas) “Heart to Heart Talk Show” & "Fear Kills Faith Heals Talk Show" 

  Radio Hosting, Song & Genre Promotions, Online Marketing
Preaching, Relating to Audience & Listeners, Praying on the Air!
Provide Words of Life, Words of Truth, Words to Inspire, Encourage & Empower!
Words of Wisdom & Knowledge, Word of God
Encourages People to Step Out in Faith! Saving Souls Via Radio!



To take Preach N' Sing, Records, Inc. and its Visionary Genres worldwide! To make my heartfelt, unique, creative, one-of-a-kind song genres as its own category identifying its performance techniques and unique piece. I know that the right alliances will see my vision/mission & will help me take my song genres to a higher level. I know that my God-given dream will be fulfilled! I am confident that God will send the right people to me who have similar spiritual eyesight, so that together we will touch multitudes! My heart's dream is to reach out to the tone deaf, out of tune, poor in spirit, or helpless people who have the desire to sing for God & to God. I would like to help them realize their dreams despite disabilities, inadequacies or insufficiencies.

The passionate heart of Preach N' Sing Ministry, which is also my heart, is to preach the Word of God in a form of a song to the lost, sick, oppressed, depressed, poor, sad, lonely, unlovely, untouchable, uneducated, and unreachable to bring forth healing, salvation, forgiveness, grace, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, direction, education, faith, hope, and most of all - LOVE in a method that is one of a kind and unique.

Vision: To Make a Difference in the Music and Art Industry | Mission Statement: www.preachnsing.org/mission | Purpose: To Serve Jesus Christ and Save Souls


Thank you so much. Abundant Love and Blessings! - Clarrisse Gill