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How Important is Your Health to Your Business?


Do we always have to talk about real estate sales, marketing, buying, selling, and making money/profit every single day? Well, this is a subject that is rarely talked about in real estate blogs. I want to go against the grains and let everyone know (well, you already know), that “Without great health, there is no wealth”. As a matter of fact, it really doesn’t matter how wealthy you are unt…

Tips on How to Pick the Right Realtor

Tips on How to Pick the Right Realtor

As a consumer, it is very important to pick the right Realtor to assist you in buying or selling your real estate property. Most of the time, a consumer picks the Realtor through one of the following ways:

All of these methods are just fine as long as you know what questions to ask the Realtor. It is very important to interview the Realtor and ask about his experience in the Real Estat…

Assembly Bill 300 (AB 300) Recently Passed by Nevada

Assembly Bill 300 (AB 300)

AB 300 is Assembly Bill 300, which was recently passed by the state of Nevada – a law that allows banks to foreclose all defaulted loans in the state. This will allow more foreclosures and replenish our declined inventory. It also allows banks to bypass the previous Assembly Bill 284 (AB 284), which was passed couple of years ago. It prevented banks from foreclosing homes until they had t…

What Does the Future Hold for Lake Las Vegas?

Lake Las Vegas

I have been asked for many months, “What do you think of the real estate market for Lake Las Vegas?” Well, for me to answer this question as accurately as possible, I need to point out a few happenings in the Las Vegas area. The future of Lake Las Vegas doesn’t solely depend upon the investors purchasing of Lake Las Vegas properties or tourism attractions at Lake Las Vegas, like concerts,…

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Many of my past clients often ask if this is a good time to purchase a home or should we wait for another year so the housing market can stabilize. The short answer is – absolutely! This is the best time to buy a home. However, I am not doing you justice by giving you a simple answer. My job is to assist you and educate you, as much as possible, about the real estate market. This is one of t…

This is the Best Time to Sell Your Home!

This is the Best Time to Sell Your Home!

Now that AB 300 has been passed, banks will be much more aggressive in foreclosing homes. If you are in default for over 90 days, there may be a blue tape on your door very soon. Banks do not have the protection of AB 284 anymore. That was the law that was passed a couple of years ago that prevented banks from foreclosing homes without the proper paperwork.

Now, with AB 300, banks are clear to…

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