Dave Gill’s Story

Dave Gill

There was a time in my life, maybe not a perfect time, but it was a time when I felt accepted and didn’t have to think about acceptance because of the way I looked or talked or thought. Living those first twelve years in my youth in my native country and city gave me a jump start in appreciating life and enjoying it more abundantly.

My birth and the first 12 years of living in Punjab, India couldn’t prepare me for the years of exciting and challenging changes that would await me when given the opportunity to come to America. The next 38 years of trying hard for acceptance as a USA citizen, in the country I love, was ethnic and accent riddled. The positive attitude of America’s entrepreneurial spirit smothered any negativity I harbored for my own non-acceptance. It was a small sacrifice to endure compared to the freedom, love and joy and the independence and success that I ultimately have attained.

My name is Dave Gill and I’m an American living in a country of opportunity. Even though the economic hardships have been felt in different levels these past few years, positive thinking remains strong for a continued economic growth. My age is 50, but my body and mind feel decades younger, and on occasion I’m complimented on not looking my age. Sometimes, I’m even reminded that I don’t act like it, either.

I have found my sweet spot in life, my strength in my beliefs of knowing what I do want and not dwelling on those thoughts of what I don’t want. Staying positive when diagnosed with cancer, I am happy to say that I’m an over-comer. I credit my healing within three months to my faith and my own natural food therapy.

Selling homes has been my passion. Doing what you love takes away any connotations of working for a living and dreading those Monday mornings. I enjoy Las Vegas as a city destination that I can visit as often as I like. I have become a deliberate creator for those things in life that I totally enjoy. It’s not a gamble.

It took awhile but I can understand, more than at any other time in my life, that it has always been and it is my own presentation of who I am that is accepted by others. My personality shines through and it’s my sincerity in all that I do and want to achieve that is my ultimate Gratitude. It’s not about looks or dialect of a foreign land; it’s about the Gratitude for my USA homeland and the wide open opportunities this country has afforded me.

No matter who you are and where you come from, it’s your choice of thoughts that become things and opportunities in your life. Keep focused on those things in life that you want and not those things that you don’t want. It is a law of attraction and it is your choice of thoughts that will make your tomorrow.