Who is Dave Gill?

A man who overcame many obstacles in his life, Dave Gill is an overcomer. When people said he cannot make it because he comes from a third world country, Dave said, “I CAN!” Dave Gill has been licensed in Real Estate since 1988. He owned his own brokerage in 2005 and was a Broker of Record. Today, he is part of a great Fortune 500 Company, Realty ONE Group.

Dave Gill is also a man who was told by 7 doctors/Urologists that he was dying from cancer, but Dave said, “No, I’m Not!” His story about how he overcame cancer with no surgery, no chemo, no radiation, and no drugs is published on www.drdavegill.com

Dave is not only an OVERCOMER but an Experienced Real Estate Broker and a Good One!

When a seller says that he can’t sell his house in 3 months because of the economy, Dave says: “Yes, I Can!” Dave turns around a negative situation into a positive one! He is always there for his clients! Great service is one thing, but a Great Guy is another. YOU GOT BOTH!

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