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Are you a Christian who got talent? What are you doing about your talent? Why not honor God with your talent? Join our contest and show what you got!

Preach N' Sing Records

What is Your Life Worth?
What is Your Dream?
What Do You Love?
Kids... Guess Who Loves You?
God Loves to Heal You
The Song of Salvation

All Clarrisse Gill's albums and singles are originals, one of a kind, legendary and glorious! Clarrisse Gill is the founder of the newest genre called PREACH N' SING™ - a genre that edifies, inspires and empowers! The "Scriptural Lyrics" in her songs will speak to you and to others - a fresh perspective way to meditate on the Word of God! Why not try singing and preaching her lyrics to others? Clarrisse Gill will be glad! Please step out in faith, you'll be glad you did! Download original life-changing songs now! Free!

About the Contest

Artist's Challenge

There are many starving inspirational artists who hold to their faith and moral values and want to impact the community, but are discouraged by the barriers of the mainstream music industry and performing arts.

These artists have talent but lack opportunity and development.

The Solution

Preach N' Sing Records will:

  • raise up artists to encourage, empower and develop their talents
  • motivate artists to interact, collaborate with other artists
  • give artists support and resources to achieve their God-given calling in artistry



The entry fee for the contest is $10.00 per submission.

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Original Lyrics

Submit your lyrics with at least one Bible verse to:

MP3 Format

Submit your raw voice in MP3 to:

You may submit your lyrics/writings, MP3 or both through e-mail. The contest is open to writers, singers, poets, comedians, rappers and artists!
For demo CDs, please mail to: Preach N' Sing Records - P.O. Box 777943, Henderson, NV 89077

The contest is ongoing. We declare the winner for every 100 contestants via e-mail. Please make sure to include your e-mail address when you register.

Winning Prizes

A Record Deal!

The winner will have a record deal including:

  • Album Production
  • Artist Promotion

Album Production and Artist Promotion are subject to all parties' contractual agreement.

Free Albums

The winner will also receive a copy of:

  • "What is Your Dream?" Album
  • "Kids... Guess Who Loves You?" Album
  • "God Loves to Heal You" Album

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