Dear Listeners,


Please take a look at the children who has nothing to eat... Click for Slide Show

When I saw these photos, my reaction was... though my stomach is full, my heart hurts, my soul is disturbed, my spirit is grieving, my body cries out for help because I was sooo touched that I cannot move. My mind says: Lord, it's time to take bigger act of faith and do something to put food on the table for these starving and dying children!!! These are truly, truly the children who are in need... They eat the ground, they eat cow's poo and drink cow's pee to survive, and yet, here in America, we have plenty and more than enough but we take them for granted!!! I am sick to my stomach and my soul everytime I see wasted food, wasted bread, wasted manna... While I am writing this, I have so much tears dripping and blurring my eyes that I can hardly see the letters I am typing... Oh God, please help me, please help us...


Love Ya',
Clarrisse Gill