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Introducing the ARTIST and SONGWRITER 4 the WORD!

Introducing the Newest Genre that's nothing like it anywhere else!

The genres are called: Preach N' Sing™ and Preach N' Rap™


Hi! My name is Clarrisse Gill. I am more of a visionary artist than a singer. I am introducing a brand new creative, innovative and fresh way to preach, sing and rap. My lyrics are backed up by the Word of God. They are anointed and inspirational! They represent love, peace, joy, forgiveness, grace, mercy, faith, courage, wisdom, boldness, goodness, righteousness, blessings, prosperity, life and truth! 

The main purpose of my music is to make a difference! My lyrics are life-changing! Entertainment is not my main purpose although I have songs that are very entertaining! If you listen very carefully to my lyrics, you'll hear the significance! My songs are full of substance!

I have songs for all ages!
Songs to worship!
Songs to meditate!
Songs to dance with!
Songs to sing along with!
Songs to learn the Bible and have fun with it!
Songs to learn the Word of God for guidance!

My music is absolutely great for kids! They can start at an early age to learn the Word of God and at the same time have fun with it!

My music is also awesome for teens and young adults, they can receive the Word of God as guidance without feeling intimidated or bored!

It's definitely fantastic for adults who are seeking... or for those who just want to soak in the Word of God, or want to use it to teach others in a fresh way.

I am more of a preacher than a singer. I preach with melody.

Beautiful! Have fun and be blessed!

Clarrisse Gill


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